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Demand for imported coal surged in Hunan over the last ten months, year-on-year growth of 134.9%

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According to the data released by the General Administration of Customs on Nov. 21, China imported 220 million ton of coal between Jan. and Oct. this year at an average price of 103.3 USD per ton, increasing by 33.5% year on year; at the same period, China exported 7.89 million ton of coal, a decrease of 5.02 million ton year on year, reducing by 38.9%, export amount up to 1.366958 billion USD, reducing by 42.7% year on year.

The demand for imported coal surged in Hunan, where the coal is in short supply. According to the statistics by Changsha Customs, Hunan imported 1.751 million ton of coal between Jan. and Oct. this year, increasing by 134.9% year on year, import amount up to 151 million USD, increasing by 152.5% year on year

Analysts attribute the surge to the favored price of imported coal. As of Nov. 15, the price of Australia BJ spot coal is only 82.3 USD/ton. According to this calculation, the price of imported coal is 580 yuan/ton in RMB combined with the 9 USD freight charges from Western Australia to Qingdao; plus the 25-35 yuan/ton port surcharges in China, the price of imported coal is 30 yuan/ton lower compared with the 635 yuan/ton Shanxi quality mixed coal, which has the same heat value.

There are other analysts who think the large introduction of imported coal is good news for the power generation industry and steel industry in China. As the industrial slack season comes, the demand for heat will increase at a reasonable instead of strong pace. There should be a continuous and steady growth in the domestic coal market. No major fluctuation is predicted by the end of this year.

According to some coal analysis institutions, the large increase of imported coal will either impact the price of domestic trading coal, resulting in the shrinkage of profit for the domestic coal mines or enterprises, or restrict the price of coal when it goes up. Insiders predict that judging from now, imported coal has advantage in price. That’s why the import would increase in the following two months.


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